Welfare Projects

Dr Muhammad Ather Khurram is managing many social welfare projects for the betterment of people and specially students, his passion is help humans in every sector and eradication of illiteracy, poverty and injustice.
He delivers regularly many lectures for students career, study counselling and Community Development Projects including Rural Community Development Projects, poverty solutions, educations need etc.
Dr Muhammad Ather Khurram also lead a organization Miracles, here is a little information about Miracles.

the ray of light for helpless
Miracles is a social section of Media Network International,
Miracles is a non profit organisation based in Pakistan, We are an organisation that is passionate about alleviating poverty and suffering in Pakistan, formed in 2014 but the organisation has many years of experience in the different business sectors needed to run such an establishment.
We are passionate about releasing people in our nation from a life sentence of debt, poverty and their causes, We are an organisation that is passionate about alleviating poverty and suffering in Pakistan, We are a community of the like-minded, an independent charity whose shared intention is to alleviate poverty and suffering in Pakistan.
we help humans is every sector and our mission is eradication of illiteracy, poverty and injustice, We channel our resources into projects that directly connect communities to communities, donor to recipient, person to person. We deliver help on the ground directly, networks and individuals,
Miracles is also a food relief foundation evolved to feed the poor and eradicate starvation and its related causes from the society. It is a non profit and non governmental organization who doesn’t believe in donations but sheer commitments to come along with us and feed the starving poor in the society. Every 3 seconds a person dies of hunger which makes the situation worse for economic development. These people are ferociously affected by these hunger crises as they are not provided with essential nutrients required for survival and end up loosing their lives. These appalling stats and figures have sparked the inception of Miracles as an NGO, NPO for food and every effort is made to eliminate this threat which prevails in the society.
we help change lives by meeting basic needs, food, education, shelter, giving people legitimacy and legal status,
We are a food relief foundation driven by a group of passionate people who are belongs to Media Network International and who are striving hard to bring a change at the grass root level. We not only provide the deprived ones with food but also help them with employment opportunities and training them to develop their skills so that they become capable of earning a livelihood.
No one should sleep hungry is the aim of the Miracles which is fighting for the betterment of humanity. It also organizes various hunger drives which aim on giving healthy and nutritious meals to the people who are deprived. Not only does it provide food but also various ‘Food For work’ projects are also organized which enables the people to earn a living and lead a steady life with their families. We train people as to how to earn a livelihood and stay away from the hunger trap, the consequences of hunger crises and develop income generating activities for them. There are millions of hungry people in the world which are deprived of even one full meal a day and their body does not get the basic nutrients which are needed for survival. As a result people die of hunger and are victims of under nutrition which makes their survival tough. Even in this technologically advanced world, people are destitute of even basic necessities.
Miracles is an NGO NPO for food and hunger which has been established to make a viable impact on the society and that too on a global level. It is not influenced by any third party but is run by a group of passionate people striving hard to justify the meaning of humanity. It believes that implementations at the right time makes it even more effective and helps in the betterment of the society.
A humanitarian effort to bring a change in the society,
Our projects are designed to empower greater self-sufficiency, new hope and a more sustainable future – a handshake, not a hand out.
Our aims are to feed the hungry, provide shelter, cloths and educate the poor, take care of the sick and bring communities together to help break the cycle of poverty;
To form communities in the Pakistan to engage with People against Poverty,
To be a gateway directly enabling our communities here in the Pakistan, to engage with our international communities bringing them both life changing experiences.
For general inquiries, donation, and suggestions, feel free to email us at
you can find detail information at website of Miracles and Follow Miracles on Social Media
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Let be a part of the mission of Dr Muhammad Ather Khurram.


AA LOGOAA Consultants,
Dr Muhammad Ather Khurram is also a Chief Executive officer of a AA Consultants a free education, career, organizational consultancy services which is provided under supervision of PhD Professionals and specialists of field, AA Consultants is also a social sector welfare project for people and students,
AA Consultants also have a free education, career, organizational consultancy services help line for students,
students can call on this helpline and also get free consultancy about career and can get all solutions for educations problems.
student can also get free lectures, guideline about education and consultancy and can manage a meeting or lectures with Dr Muhammad Ather Khurram free of cost, you can find detail information at website of AA Consultants  and Follow AA Consultants on Social Media
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Let be a part of the mission of Dr Muhammad Ather Khurram.